Crown of Splendor

This past week’s podcast included an interview with one of First Loved Ministries’ staff, Peter Vantine who shared about connecting with founder Mark Fee and how one of the practices First Loved encourages dramatically changed his quiet time with the Lord. Out of the ten personalized verses we use on weekend experiences, Holy Spirit drew Peter to one that included a portion from Isaiah 62. He then wrote a synonym/antonym amplified version in his journal to deepen the experience with the Lord and to hear Him speak using phrases and images that Peter could relate to personally. We include the original verse and the synonym/antonym version below as another example of a way to practice experiencing God’s love for us. You might read through the original verse a few times, reading slower each time and perhaps even out loud. Pray Holy Spirit will open your heart and mind to experience God’s love for you…

ORIGINAL VERSE (personalized)
“You are a crown of splendor in My hand, a royal diadem in the hand of your God. As a bridegroom rejoices of his bride, so I your God rejoice over You. For I love you and long for you, My joy and My crown . . . My priceless possession.” (Isaiah 62:3,5; Philippians 4:1; Deuteronomy 7:6)

Peter, you are so valuable to me that not only do I look at you as a radiant and brilliant jewel, but that I hold you as a jewel in My hand. As King of your life, you are a crown that I always keep close to Me. And it’s because of My hand—the fact that I provide all the grace and salvation you will ever need—that you are priceless in this way. There is nothing you can do or not do that will change the way I feel about you, because it is I, the Lord your God, who has made you this way and I revel in My work that is you. Do you remember the first time you saw Laurie as she entered the church for your wedding ceremony? She was wearing her bridal gown and glowing with a radiance that cannot adequately be described in words. It was something you had to experience, and you did just that—you experienced a profound joy as you took delight in the beauty of your bride. This was partly because of the great love you have for her, but also because you knew in just moments you would be joined together as one in My Presence and commit yourselves to one another and to Me for the rest of your lives. You were SO EXCITED to be entering this special relationship and yearned for a future of delight with your bride. This is exactly how I feel about you! I know that sometimes you feel I am disinterested in you, but that is the farthest from the truth. Even when I am silent, I cherish you and your life. In those moments when you become distant, I yearn for you to come back to Me and remain in Me so that I can treasure you up close as the priceless gift that you are. I am making you knew every day so that you will one day see how valuable you are to Me, and that you will trust in My unfailing love all the days of your life. I love you…

Thank You, Lord!