A few years ago, Mark wrote this God-Sighting in his journal:

“Lately, the Lord has really demonstrated his love for me in some very practical ways. On my way home from Costa Rica, I had to stop in a line to pay an airport tax. For some reason I put my wallet in an open, small pouch on the outside of my bag instead of back in the zipper pocket of my carry-on. After I handed my bag over to be loaded, the young man behind the ticket agent, alerted the agent to my wallet that was just sitting there in the open. He could have so easily missed it or stolen it. Either way I would have lost my wallet which would have been a hassle in so many ways. I was so grateful.

“Then, at the Houston airport, I was looking for a place to sit and eat lunch while I waited an hour for my connection. I ended up not wanting to eat in the food court so that I could eat dinner with Robin when I arrived at home. So I went to my gate and found a little shop serving fruit drinks. After I purchased it, I noticed that Boston was not the designated city on the marquis at my gate. So I went to the monitors to see what had happened. I realized that I had misread a five for a six. Then my eyes noticed in big red letters on the monitor – LOCAL TIME: 12:30. I didn’t realize that the time had changed so I thought it was 11:30! I could have been at the food court and missed my flight. Again, I was so grateful.

“Yesterday, I took our ’93 Altima to the Nissan dealership to have the wiper blade motor fixed. I also mentioned that there were a few other quirky things and that I would like to have those checked as well. A couple of hours later, I received a call from the dealership saying that they condemned the car, that they wouldn’t touch it so as not to be liable, and recommended that I not drive it off the lot because that’ s how dangerous of condition the mechanic believed it to be in. So, Robin and I went to the dealership to retrieve the junk that was in the car. I made a few calls to some friends who knew how to get cars from an auction. I told the Lord that I would be willing to do all that monkey business but that he had to help us not pick out a bad car. But then I told him how much I wish I didn’t have to go through all that hassle and how I would love for Nissan to have a cheap used car we could buy there. Well, after we paid for the diagnostic, the service agent said that she believed that one of the technicians was selling his Maxima for $2000.00. We looked at the car, heard about all the things he had replaced, and bought it. The only thing it needed was new tires. We had just bought new tires for the ’93 Altima in January. They were the same size so he said that he would change them for us. Yeay, God!!!!!

“Look at the birds of the air. They do not sow or reap and yet I, your heavenly Father, feed them. ARE YOU NOT MUCH MORE VALUABLE THAN THEY?”

Thank you, Father for your loving care and provision. You are awesome!