Meditation on Psalm 25, Verse 1

As part of the First Loved to Love curriculum, we encourage practicing the “Synonym/Antonym Meditation Exercise” in order to better hear God speak his words of love to you through his Word using words and phrases that mean the same but maybe speak to your heart more deeply. Often this practice inspires a dialogue between you and God! One of our weekend participants sent this dialogue (from their journal) as an illustration of how deep one can go on just one word or phrase! It’s also interesting to note that the two entries on the same scripture passage were written two months apart…



Lord, what would you like to tell me about Psalm 25?

Dearest, this is my heart for you. This will safeguard your life. Only in this way (walking this way) is truth, safety, hope—all the things your heart, mind, soul and spirit long for.

Where do I start?

Let’s look at verse 1.


“To you, O Lord, I lift up my soul.” (Psalm 25:1, ESV)

That “to” is such a rich word. Your orientation. Your focus. “To.” There is always an object: “to ____________.” You are safest if I am your focus, your direction, your “to.” In your heart ask, seek, purpose that it is TO ME you are lifting up your soul, NOT to the world. Not running FROM pain, fear, sorrow . . . but TO me. Lift up your soul to me.

Lord, I pray I would lift up my soul to YOU. Forgive me all the times I run FROM. Teach me, strengthen me, accept my attempts at lifting my soul to you. Make this a reality, I pray.

Okay, I will.

Thank you, Lord, thank you, Savior, thank you, Abba, thank you, loving, loving God.

“To you, O Lord, I lift up my soul.”

Welcome, dearest. Welcome.

Thank you! Amen.



Lord, please speak to me in this verse.

Okay, I will.

“To you, O Lord, I lift up my soul.” (Psalm 25:1, ESV)

“Unto you, O Lord, do I bring my life.” (Psalm 25:1, AMP)

That is huge, Lord! (The Amplified version)

Yes it is, dearest. Huge.

My life. “Unto you, O Lord, do I bring my life.” ALL of it!

All of it.

What a relief. With everyone else I pick and choose what to say, what to bring, what to show. But to you I bring my WHOLE life. All of it. Not edited. All of it. What a relief!

Yes, dearest. This is what you are made for. This is how I made you to live. To bring your life to me. Not just your worries (I’m glad you bring your worries!). Not just your joys (I’m delighted to share in your joy!). Not just for requests for family, friends, country, church (I treasure our times of talking these over with you). But I have called you to bring your WHOLE LIFE to me. Yes, your WHOLE LIFE. Drink that in, dearest. Let it settle into your heart . . . your WHOLE life.

Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Abba. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

You are welcome, child. You are welcome.