Our music and spoken word recordings are designed to help you internalize and meditate on God’s love for you through His Word, bringing you into a deeper relationship with the Triune God.


First Love Ministries is excited to announce the release of More Love Verses, Mark’s third album and his second Love Verses album. We received this testimony from our first Love Verses album: “This album is gentle and powerful, a gift of peace and an invitation to rest in the love of God.” For a $100 partner donation, we will mail you a “More Love Verses” CD as our Thank You, for your investment in this ministry.





This 2017 release from First Loved Ministries includes 45 minutes of spoken Bible verses with instrumental music and nature sounds, for meditation, prayer and quiet times with God. These recordings come from our “Love Verse” meditation videos on our YouTube channel, which you can subscribe to and watch beautiful visuals that accompany these audio tracks. We wanted to provide this version, however, as a resource to listen to God love you at any given moment—from his heart to yours.






This premiere CD from First Loved Ministries includes 46 minutes of music and spoken scripture personalized from the Lord to you directly. The original songs by Mark Fee are intertwined with the scriptures making this a complete listening experience soaked in God’s love directly from His Word. This can be used as a tool to help memorize and internalize various scriptures (“love texts”) used in FLM’s training programs. It is also a helpful tool for meditation, prayer and encouragement.




If you wish to order any of the following CD titles by mail, please email us at and we will make arrangements to get them to you!