What people are saying about First Loved Ministries…

Getting Along – “I want to share a little bit about how much you’ve helped us as a couple. The content you taught both times in Vida220 is SO helpful. Chris and I often bring up how amazing it is that we haven’t had any crazy fights. We really address each other according to how you taught us to handle conflict, and it’s strengthened us! Our angry moments, our times of tension have made us closer thanks to you and how you passed on so much wisdom. We are both so thankful for you and we miss you! I can’t imagine how many lives and marriages you’ve touched, but I thank God for how incredibly you’ve let Him use you! We love you, Mark!” ~Recently married students from the Discipleship School in Costa Rica.



“I wanted to thank . . . you for helping to make the [weekend] so powerful. To be honest, I had very low expectations for the weekend. I . . . was really just looking for an opportunity to have my ‘batteries recharged.’ I never expected to be hit by a lightening bolt! It is very obvious that God worked through you to communicate just the right messages to me and the others in our group . . . the dance and hugs from [one of your trained facilitators] were a PERFECT answer to my prayer. So special . . . It is something that I will always remember and hold dear.” ~Michele, Greenwich, CT

Video by Julien Jarry, Trinity Church.


“As a pastor, I found the First Loved weekend to be incredibly powerful and transformative, both for myself personally and for the people in our church who participated. At Vision New England, we continue to recommend the First Loved weekend to the pastors and churches who are participating in our Vision ONE process. Throughout the entire First Loved weekend, Mark combines solid, Biblically-guided teaching, with heartfelt personal stories and very practical wisdom, to provide each participant with a very “real” understanding of one of the most important realities of the Christ-following experience—God deeply, personally, and passionately loves His children. Mark’s remarkable teaching gift and his compassionate love for others, makes this one of the most impactful weekends that is currently available related to ‘the love of God.’ I strongly recommend this for any Christ-follower.” ~Rev. Keith Tolley, Lead Pastor, Greenfield Alliance Church, Greenfield, MA (and former President, Vision New England)



Video by Julien Jarry, Trinity Church.



“The First Loved weekend I participated in changed my walk with Jesus. In personalizing scripture I came to experience and hear His voice of love for me. It was transforming. As I experienced His amazing love I couldn’t help but give it away.” ~Callie (Rye, NH)



“I really felt the love here [on the weekend]. I feel/believe this is just what I needed to realize what my soul is thirsting for – the love of Jesus. I definitely needed this and would love to do more [weekends] like this for spiritual enlightenment connecting with Jesus.” ~Chloe (Windsor, CT)



Video by Julien Jarry, Trinity Church.



“Nothing has impacted my life and walk with God more than First Loved Ministries. It has changed how I understand God’s love for me in a dramatic way and has deepened my walk and relationship with God. I feel more secure in His love for me, and am now more free to love others better in the same way I experience God loving me. My love and gratitude to the Lord has greatly increased as well. Overall, it is this weekend that has most affected and grown my 43-year walk with the Lord. And that’s amazing!” ~Janet (Salisbury, MA)



“I think the First Loved weekend is something that every Christian should attend . . . the material presented deals with the number one issue people struggle with, namely, ‘After all my sin and failure, does God still accept me?’ That seed doubt that enters our minds is the very thing that hamstrings our fruitfulness in the kingdom of God and stymies our spiritual growth. I especially liked the exercise of applying a passage of Scripture to our individual lives and making it real. Thank you for a weekend that transforms, not just informs.” ~Tom Peers, Senior Pastor, State Street Church, Portsmouth, New Hampshire



“Thank you for your incredible Team of Prayer Ministers…you really blessed us this weekend. The First Loved weekend is AMAZING. Everyone was filled with the Holy Spirit and transformed. Thank you for reminding us how very much we are loved by the King of Kings. You are a blessing to this world and I pray that MORE people will come and be blessed by this mighty experience.” ~Karen and Peter (Maine)



“[God’s] words came alive in a way I had never experienced before. They were not just words on a page but a real conversation between God and me. In fact, I had read those words many times before, but I had never ‘heard’ them in the depths of my soul. Perhaps for the first time in my life I actually felt God’s Love and experiencing it opened my eyes and heart to want to share that love with my husband and children in a more intentional way than ever before. At long last I felt as though a burden had been lifted, that the relentless struggle of the last three years since Hurricane Sandy turned our lives upside down was over. God is with us and has brought us through the fire. I could not wait to get home and tell my family how much I love them.” ~Linda (Connecticut)



“I attended Mark’s First Loved event at Bethany Church in November I was searching for a way to deepen my walk with God. The weekend forever changed my prayer life. I was never encouraged to have a personal relationship with the Lord, and now I understand on a heart and mind level that I have a heavenly Father who loves me because He wants to, no matter how many times I fall short of the mark. First Loved has enabled me to be loved by God through scripture, and see God in my daily walk both in helping others and seeing how others in my life help (love on) me. Mark has an insightful way of putting things simply and breaking down barriers that has allowed me to just be with God without judgment or condemnation. I cannot recommend this weekend enough!” ~Kate (Massachusetts)