What FLM Does

Worship during a “First Loved” weekend

To partner with Jesus in training people to experience God’s love more deeply and remove barriers to receiving and sharing His love. We do this through training programs, worship experiences and personal ministry.

Some may fully understand the depth and breadth of God’s love for them, but unfortunately most people in today’s world consider themselves devalued in the eyes of society – and even in the eyes of the Lord. The primary objective of First Loved Ministries is to train people on how to be loved by God and in turn love others as Jesus so that one day the church (the people of God) will be known by love – “The Jesus Brand!” We set out to accomplish this through building and nurturing relationships “rooted and established in love” and supported through tools and experiences designed to help people work towards this goal.

This process begins with the First Loved to Love lifestyle training program that provides a foundation to experience God’s love in a personal and tangible way, like the disciples did through Jesus, and how to prevent shame and suffering from hindering that experience. Once these practices are internalized, then the process of Biblical steps for healing conversations (“Getting Along”) can begin.


First Loved to Love – God’s Love Up Close and Personal
(see our Weekends and Retreats pages for more info)
This program will teach you how to experience God’s love in a personal and tangible way like the disciples did through Jesus and how to prevent shame and suffering from hindering that experience.

Getting Along – Biblical Steps for Healing Conversations
(in development; email us about one-day overview seminars)
This program will teach you five actions for having a healing conversation: STOP- LOOK – LISTEN – LOVE – CHANGE. You will identify behaviors to stop doing; look at your thoughts and emotions for understanding and accuracy; prepare good questions and learn skills for listening to the other person to understand them; love them in specific ways during the conversation and finally talk about what needs to change so that the hurt doesn’t happen again.

Memory Healing – Prayer that Heals Past Hurts (currently by appointment only)
This program will teach you an interactive prayer model that allows the Lord to deeply and directly love you in your wounded place so that the painful memory is remade and remembered in the future as a profound love encounter with Jesus.


Music CD: “Rejoice Over You”
This CD is 46 minutes of God speaking and singing to you directly through scriptures. LISTEN online or ORDER your own copy today through CD Baby.

Love Feasts
These live worship events are opportunities to love and be loved by God and each other through a flowing mixture of intimate music, prayer ministry and inspired messages. Check our Upcoming Events page for dates.


Counseling and Personal Training

Memory Healing Prayer Sessions

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