Where We’re Going

“…press on to know Me. As surely as the sun rises, I will appear; I will come to you…” (Hoseah 6:3 NIV, personalized)

Providing people with tools and experiences via the easiest and broadest access methods, in order for them to experience God’s love more deeply and love others AS Jesus has loved us, through the Holy Spirit. Our prayer is that in generations to come the people of God (the Church) will be known by love (we are calling this “the Jesus Brand”).

FLM has developed various training programs and materials over the last ten years. We are now poised to produce and package these tools in a variety of formats in order to help foster “being loved and loving as.” Over the next year we will be working towards fulfilling many of the following goals:

Most of our presentations and training sessions have occurred on the weekends (Friday-Saturday) and offer a “taste” of the greater experience. There are seven sessions in the “First Loved to Love” training alone, and often we only get to go through the first few sessions on a weekend. Over the next year we will be working towards building the following experiences:

  • Create training modules for deeper experiences over multiple weekend sessions
  • Create multi-day retreat programs for deeper immersive experiences
  • Develop additional follow-up modules for the “Getting Along” curriculum
  • Develop quarterly “Love Feast” worship experiences for the greater body of Christ
  • Develop strategies to implement “Memory Healing” sessions privately and in small groups
  • Plant an FLM headquarters in order to (1) provide more intensive training and (2) better equip and support staff and team

As our vision states, we want to make access to these tools and experiences as easy as possible by the broadest means available. This includes the following implementations over the next year:

  • more downloadable content available from the FLM website
  • expansion of social media communication
  • development of FLM app for portable devices
  • scheduling of webinars or video conferencing for focused teaching, training, and Q&A sessions
  • development of call-in and email “help lines”
  • facilitator training sessions
  • and much more
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